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Registration and Rules


The Forum of the AHEAD research network is the first public discussion platform for scientific research in the social and economics sciences applied to health and development. The AHEAD forum is a place where members of the scientific research community can help each other out and exchange views on a wide variety of topics related to our main research themes: applied health, equity and development. 

The forum aims to create a more effective support for scientific research through transnational cooperation and information exchange via a sustainable, broad-based network of researchers, providing them with an active platform to learn, collaborate, advocate and promote excellence in the following research areas:
Human development and social wellbeing. 
- Health and health care services.
- Socio-economic inequality and social justice.

To register on the AHEAD Forum, please go to: www.ahead-network.org/forum. 

For further information on the AHEAD network forum, please consult the following link.