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Imen Jaouadi

Assistant professor at the Economic Science and Management University of Tunis

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Mrs. Imen Jaouadi has a PhD in Health Economics, received from the Economic Science and Management University of Tunis in 2010. She taught at the university since 2001 as assistant professor. She was a staff in the WHO's Office of Tunisia for three years as a National Program Officer for the Optimize Project.

She worked on socio-determinant of health, health inequalities and access to the health system.

Dr. Imen Jaouadi participated in the societal dialogue led by the MoH for the health system reform during two years, as manager, trainer, and co-author of reports and the white book. Since December 2015, she is the director of the CeFIR (International Training and Research Centre) of the ONFP (National Board of Family and Population).


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