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Kelley Sams

Medical anthropologist, visiting Research Faculty at the University of Florida's Center for Arts in Medicine, USA.

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Kelley Sams is a Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine (USA) and an affiliated researcher at the Laboratoire Population Environnement Développement (LPED) Marseille, France. As an applied medical anthropologist, Kelley's research takes place at the intersection of the social sciences, global health, and the arts. Her recent work engages ethnographic photography and other qualitative methods to study the circulation of public health initiatives in the US and sub-Saharan Africa. Her current work examines social experiences related to COVID-19 in France, Italy, and the USA. 


Selected Publications

Sonke, J., Sams, K., Morgan-Daniel, J., Schaefer, N., Pesata, V., Golden, T., Stuckey, H. (2020). Health Communication and the Arts in the United States: A Scoping Review, American Journal of Health Promotion (forthcoming). 

Sams, K. et al. (2019) ‘They’ll inject you and you’ll die’: from medication non-compliance to acceptance in Guinea’s Ebola treatment units. Anthropology & Medicine 27, (1): 1-16.

Sams, K. (2017). Rendre Visible une Maladie « Invisible » : Photographie Ethnographique et Négociations Sociales dans la Recherche Médicale sur le Trachome au Niger. Images du Travail. Travail des Images. n° 4. La relation soignants/soignés a? l'épreuve de l'image.

Sams, K. (2017). Engaging Conceptions of Identity in a Context of Medical Pluralism: Explaining Treatment Choices for Everyday Illness in Niger. Sociology of Health and Illness, Vol. 39 (7), p. 1-17.

Sams, K., et al. (2017). Mobilising Experience from Ebola to Address Plague in Madagascar and Future Epidemics. The Lancet, 390 (10113): 2624-2625.

Sams K. (2016) A medicine for every sickness: A visual reflection on the treatment of eye disease in rural Niger. Medicine Anthropology Theory, Vol. 3 (2). 13/09, p. 313-324.

Sams K. (2015) Book Review: Medical Anthropology in Global Africa. Kathryn A. Rhine, John M. Janzen, Glenn Adams, and Heather Aldersey, eds. Lawrence: University of Kansas Publications in Anthropology, 2014, 169 pp. Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 29: b11–b14.