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Khaled Makhloufi

Health Economist

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Khaled Makhloufi holds a Ph.D. in Health Economics at the Aix Marseille University. He holds a masters in Public Health from the Aix Marseille University and in Health Economics in Developing Countries from the University of Auvergne, France. He has worked as an administrator at the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) in Tunisia, as an intern at both the Department of Health Systems Financing at the World Health Organization in Switzerland and at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (SESSTIM-INSERM UMR 912) where he also worked as a research assistant.


Mohammad Abu-Zaineh, Olivier Chanel, and Khaled Makhloufi. Estimating willingness to pay for public health insurance while accounting for protest responses: A further step towards universal health coverage in Tunisia?. The International Journal of Health Planning and Management, Volume 37, Issue 5: Pages 2809-2821

Abu-Zaineh, M., Chanel, O. & Makhloufi, K. (2017) Accounting for protest attitudes in WTP for universal health coverage: Evidence from a contingent valuation study in Tunisia.. AHEAD WORKING PAPERS SERIES N° 03/2017.

Chanel, O., Makhloufi, K. & Abu-Zaineh, M (2016) Can a Circular Payment Card Format Effectively Elicit Preferences? Evidence from a Survey on a Mandatory Health Insurance Scheme in Tunisia. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy

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