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Marwân-al-Qays Bousmah

Postdoctoral researcher at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD).

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Marwân-al-Qays Bousmah is a research associate at SESSTIM (UMR 1252). He obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the Aix Marseille University and a Masters in development economics from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France. He was a visiting researcher at the French Institute of Research for the Development (IRD), Senegal and at the Research and Policy Analysis Department of the National Bank of Rwanda. His research interests include health economics, demography and economic development. He has published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Demographic Economics, the LancetHealth Policy, Pacific Economic Review, and the Review of Economics of the Household.


Abdulrahim, S. & Bousmah, QM. (2019) Regional inequalities in maternal and neonatal health services in Iraq and Syria in the decade before ISIS. International Journal of Health Services Research, 49(3): 623-641.

Bousmah, M.-a.-Q., Combes, J.-B.S., & Abu-Zaineh, M. (2019) Health differentials between citizens and immigrants in Europe: A heterogeneous convergence. Health Policy, doi: 10.1016/j.healthpol.2018.12.005.

Abu-Zaineh, M., Woode, M. E., & Bousmah M-a-Q. (2018). The importance of health for income inequality in the occupied Palestinian territory: A decomposition analysis. The Lancet, Volume 391, Special Issue, S23, 21 February 2018.

Zehnati, A., Bousmah, M.-a.-Q., & Abu-Zaineh, M. (2017). Public-private differentials in health care delivery: The case of cesarean deliveries in Algeria.


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Bousmah, M.-a.-Q. (2017) The effect of child mortality on fertility behaviors is non-linear: new evidence from Senegal. Review of Economics of the Household, 15(1): 93-113.

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