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Niveen M. E. Abu-Rmeileh

Director of the Institute of Community and Public Health, Birzeit University.

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Niveen M. E. Abu-Rmeileh is the director of the Institute of Community and Public Health at the Birzeit University, Palestine. She holds a PhD. in Statistical Epidemiology form the Glasgow University, UK. She works on the effects of conflict on health, obesity and chronic illnesses. Her current research interests are in epidemiology and public health.


Abu-Rmeileh, N., Ghandour, R., Mataria, A., Awawda, S., Jabr, S. and O'Flaherty, M. (2017) Time to act on diabetes mellitus prevention in the West Bank, oPt: Current and future direct cost of diabetes and its complications. Obesity Medicine, 2017, 6, 18-22