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Salvador Pérez-Moreno

Associate Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Malaga.

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Salvador Pérez-Moreno is Associate Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Malaga. He is also Research Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy (University of Cambridge), and Affiliated Researcher at UNU-MERIT (United Nations University and Maastricht University). He holds a BSc and PhD in Economics and Business Studies from the University of Malaga and a MSc in Development Finance from the University of London, SOAS. From the perspective of public policies and institutions, his research interests lie in the fields of poverty and inequality in Europe, international development, and business economics, with special interest in the effects of socio-economic processes on children and other vulnerable groups. He is founding researcher of the research group 'Public Economics and Equity' (SEJ-559). He is currently academic coordinator of the PhD Program in Economics and Business Studies of the University of Malaga, joint PhD Program of the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies and the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies.

Selected publications

Ritzen, J., Lopez, J., Knottnerus, A., Perez Moreno, S., Papandreou, G., & Zimmermann, K. F. (2020). Taking the challenge: A joint European policy response to the corona crisis to strengthen the public sector and restart a more sustainable and social Europe (No. 015). United Nations University-Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT).

Bárcena-Martín, Elena, María C. Blanco-Arana & Salvador Pérez-Moreno (2018). Social Transfers and Child Poverty in European Countries: Pro-poor Targeting or Pro-child Targeting?, Journal of Social Policy: 1-20.

Arestis, Philip, Elena Bárcena-Martín & Salvador Pérez-Moreno (2018). Differences in Institutional Quality across Euro Area Countries: Which Factors Contribute Most to Inequality?, Panoeconomicus, 65(3): 363-379.

Angulo-Guerrero, María J., Salvador Pérez-Moreno & Isabel M. Abad-Guerrero, (2017). How economic freedom affects opportunity and necessity entrepreneurship in the OECD countries, Journal of Business Research, 17: 30-37.

Luque, Mariano, Salvador Pérez-Moreno, José A. Robles & Beatriz Rodríguez (2017). Measuring Child and Maternal Health in Developing Countries: A Proposal of New Hybrid MDG Composite Indices, Applied Research in Quality of Life, 12(3): 737-758.

Angulo-Guerrero, María J., Salvador Pérez-Moreno & Isabel M. Abad-Guerrero (2017). Disparities in entrepreneurial activity and attitude across EU countries, European Planning Studies, 25(4): 680-702.