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Yves Arrighi

Assistant Professor at University of Lille 3, France.

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Yves Arrighi is currently working as an assistant professor (tenure track) at Lille Economics & Management, University of Lille 3 (UMR CNRS 9221). He is also an associate researcher at LIRAES, University of Paris Descartes (EA 4470).

His research interests include health economics and population economics, health systems and their impact on individual economic or health outcomes, and health inequality analysis. He has been working so far on issues related to long term care organization and financing, and on the economics of HIV/AIDS.


Arrighi Y., Abu-Zaineh M., & Ventelou B. (2015) To count or not to count deaths: Reranking effects in health distribution evaluation. Health Economics, 24 (2) : 193-205.

Ventelou B.,  Arrighi Y., Greener R., Lamontagne E., Carrieri P., & Moatti J-P. (2012) The macroeconomic consequences of renouncing to universal access to antiretroviral treatment for HIV in Africa: a micro-simulation model. PLoS ONE, 7(4): e34101.