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Regional Disparities of Human Development in Morocco

Benaabdelaali, W., Bennaghmouch, Z., Cheddadi, S. & Kamal, A. (2013)

Région et Développement, n° 37-2013, 65-93.


This article aims to measure the level of human development in Moroccan regions using, for the first time, the methodology of the Human Development Index revised in 2010. Significant gaps in human development between the regions in Morocco are highlighted. However, regional disparities are more important when the education level is considered and relatively less apparent considering the standard of living. With an HDI equal to 0.709, the Grand Casablanca would virtually rank in the 94th rank worldwide. It would be ranked in the 30th position worldwide in health; the 99th rank in per capita income and in the 118th rank in education. The analysis of the non-monetary HDI reveals that its level seems to be more disadvantaged by the education component than the one of health. The interregional human development gap can reach 28 years compared to the Grand Casablanca; it is 21 years for life expectancy at birth, 41 years for the average years of schooling, 17 years for school life expectancy and 47 years for income.

Mots clés

Human Development Index ; Moroccan regions