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Welcome to the forum of the AHEAD network, the first public discussion platform for scientific research in the social and economic sciences applied to health and development. The AHEAD forum is a place where members of the scientific research community can help each other out and exchange views on a wide variety of topics related to our main research themes: applied health, equity and development. The forum aims to create a more effective support for scientific research through transnational cooperation and information exchange via a sustainable, broad-based network of researchers, providing them with an active platform to learn, collaborate, advocate and promote excellence in the following research areas: • Health and health care services. • Socio-economic inequality and social justice. • Human development and wellbeing. ⇨ To keep the forum friendly and helpful we have drawn up a Forum Code of Conduct [forum rules] that we expect all forum participants to abide by. When enabled, users must agree to a set of rules when registering. The rules will always be available through a link in the navigation table at the top of every page. The following forum rules also apply when posting in the forum: • Promote a respectful and friendly atmosphere. Every person has the right to ask and answer any question, as well as participate in discussions and suggest new features. • Be aware of your tone and focus. We promote positive and constructive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community. • Think before you post – this is a public forum. Forum topics will be deleted at the discretion of the forum administrators if they represent a valid security risk or personal safety concern. • Avoid asking off-topic questions in existing threads. Everyone wants their question answered. Members can better answer your question if you start your own thread. • Do not spam the forums, posts and links to sites that are unrelated to our topic, or promote commercial consultancy services violate our rules and will be deleted. Violating these standards may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account. The above represent the AHEAD ground rules. For further information and helpful tips, we encourage you to contact the AHEAD Coordination Team at contactus.ahead@gmail.com AHEAD Coordination Team

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