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AHEAD Sixth Scientific Symposium

Covid-19 Policy Responses and Health Consequences in the Arab World

15 July 2020



The 6th symposium of the AHEAD network is held virtually on July 15th 2020 under the theme “Covid-19 Policy Responses and Health Consequences in the Arab World”. The Symposium is co-organized by Hikama, the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies’ newest joint peer-reviewed journal and the AHEAD Research Network. The conference gathers international experts to address the following questions: 

- How can different countries in the Arab world be described in terms of contextual factors relevant to Covid-19?
- How did different Arab countries’ policy responses to the pandemic differ?
- Concerning emergency preparedness in the Arab world, were there countries more prepared than others?
- Assessing the situation at this point in time, which countries seem to have done better so far and why? What seems to be the characteristics of an effective response in the Arab region?
- What is the potential impact of Covid-19 on health systems in the Arab world?

The workshop presentations will be published in Hikama’s journal first issue. The sessions will also be broadcasted on the Arab Center and the AHEAD network platforms.