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Call for Applications

Call for Applications: ACSS-FMSH Short-Term Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship Program in the Social Sciences and Humanities.
Application Deadline: December 7, 2018
The Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS) and the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH) are pleased to launch the second call for applications for their joint program titled “Short-Term Postdoctoral Mobility Fellowship Program in the Social Sciences and Humanities.”

The program provides short-term fellowships to individual postdoctoral researchers, who are citizens and nationals of the Arab region, and who wish to conduct research in France (such as field research, and library and archival work).

Fellowship Duration and Amount:
2 to 3 months with a monthly stipend of 1,600 euros

Location: France

Eligibility Criteria:
•    Applicants must be citizens of an Arab country or nationals of an Arab country, and must reside in the Arab region.
•    Applicants must be 0-6 years out of a PhD program in the social sciences or humanities. They should have obtained their PhDs at the time of application.
•    Applicants must find a French research institution willing to host them before applying.
How to Apply:
Applicants must submit an online application (including research proposal and appendices) through the FMSH website, AND fill out a profile page on the ACSS website.

Required Documents:
•    Research proposal (3-5 pages maximum)
•    Curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum)
•    Copy of the PhD diploma
•    Proof of citizenship or long-term residence in an Arab country
•    An official letter from the hosting research center in France addressed to the Arab Council for the Social Sciences and Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme expressing the center’s willingness to host the applicant during the time of fellowship and to provide academic mentoring.
•    A reference letter from a member of the institutional affiliation in the region explaining the research activities of the applicant.
More Information:
If you have questions about the details of the proposal, please email the ACSS at grants@theacss.org.

If you have questions about filling out the online application, please email FMSH at fadili@msh-paris.fr.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before contacting the ACSS or FMSH. You may find the answers to your questions there.

https://mailchi.mp/a635423d4507/call-fo … f21c830319


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